AI Report 2021

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Since the epidemic, we’ve accelerated into a new era of AI.

In the next decade after the epidemic, we will see four waves of opportunities for AI to enhance transformation of enterprises, powered by different "domain knowledge x information maturity" matrices:

The first wave will be in single instance efficiency improvements, such as defect detection, intelligent scheduling, predictive maintenance, and optimization of raw material mix at the manufacturing end, which will mean the replace of humans by machines. We have seen rapid progress in specific applications by start-ups, such as voice assistants, facial recognition, medical imaging interpretation, etc.

The second wave will be the enhancement of enterprise processes. When all single-instance applications are popularized, the efficiency of the reorganization process will be improved, and changes in the line of production, service procedures and human-machine collaboration will bring about the reorganization and restructuring of the management process.

The third wave will be in upgrading at the industry level. Traditional industries will begin to catch up, and AI adoption by “invisible champions” within mature and special sectors will move become an industry wide movement. The breadth and effectiveness of applications will be greatly enhanced, and many will start maturing into standardized products.

The fourth wave will be in the overall improvement of the ecosystem. Industry clusters will proliferate and diversify. Qualitative changes will materialize at scale.

New applications will be built upon the existing foundations, and the exponential efficiency improvements will further drive industry transformations. Industries will be restructured, the global division of labor will reshuffle.

The Taiwan AI Academy has been promoting industrial AI since 2018 and is now in its fourth year. It has been TAIWAN’s vision to let the world think of AI when they see TAIWAN, and to gasp "WA" when they see TAIWAN's achievements in AI. We are pleased to work with Hive Ventures and several outstanding start-up companies to produce this report: STATE OF TAIWAN ENTERPRISE AI 2021, especially in an internationalized English format, so that together we can make Taiwan's soft power in Artificial Intelligence shine upon the global stage.

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