AI Industrial Program

The AI Industrial Program is a unique feature of the Taiwan AI Academy. Aiming at the needs of separated industries, Taiwan AI Academy has in-depth discussions with business leaders and domain experts. It has designed industrial programs that meet the industries' characteristics and actual needs collaboratively. Now we have already delivered special classes for intelligent medical care and intelligent manufacturing.

AI Industrial program for intelligent manufacturing

According to the characteristics of industrial clusters in various regions of Taiwan, we plan and design an industrial program for intelligent manufacturing in north Taiwan, concentrating the theme of semiconductor/electronic OEM/ODM. We're focusing on the machinery industry and small and medium-sized traditional processing/assembly production for central Taiwan; In southern Taiwan, we aim to the steel industry/petrochemical industry/large continuous production industry.

In summary, we have designed this program from the perspective of the most concern of the manufacturing industry, with the improvement of business performance. It discusses the critical issues of the application of artificial intelligence in intelligent manufacturing.

AI Industrial program for intelligent medical care

The Industrial Program for Intelligent medical care is an intensive course designed by the Taiwan AI Academy, and it is for practitioners in the medical industry in Taiwan. We expect medical industry practitioners to quickly and systematically grasp the latest trends in artificial intelligence technology through the intelligent medical care industrial program and thoroughly understand artificial intelligence technology. The practitioners can practically apply artificial intelligence and know its capabilities, limitations, and future development.

Through this program, we have expected that medical professional knowledge and artificial intelligence can be integrated and utilized in various aspects, such as testing, treatment, care, and management.

In summary, this program aims to maintain Taiwan's leading global medical quality, solve urban-rural gaps in medical resources, and protect health and improve the quality of life through AI.