The Taiwan Artificial Intelligence Meetup started in August 2019 and continues to hold meetups in Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and other places every two weeks. It is currently the largest AI regular meetup in Taiwan. Participants include engineers, business people, management, investors, university professors, lawyers, doctors, etc., providing a platform for technology and innovation, and entrepreneurial communities to share and match each other.

In each event, in addition to technical sharing by engineers, community partners and entrepreneurial friends in the field of artificial intelligence will also be invited to share their experiences and achievements. It is a place for engineers to warm up, and also a place for entrepreneurs to exchange and share!

孫曉恩 / AIA - AI工程師

劉冠閎 / AIA - AI工程師
黃貞傑 Scott / AIA校友

黃琮耀 / AIA - AI工程師
鄭宇倫 / AIA 校友

王友群 / AIA - AI工程師

歐陽亦凡 / AIA - AI工程師
林明憲 / 安富利 - 應用工程經理

教 AI 學會看斷層掃描 - 淺談 Kaggle RSNA 顱內出血檢測資料集


智慧製造之你不可不知道的 PHM &深度學習框架 PyTorch 入門與實踐


提煉再提煉濃縮再濃縮:Neural Architecture Search 介紹

心理學家教你看AI & 重溫經典的ResNet模型架構

當個創世神 - Tensorflow for beginner

機器學習工程師常見的錯誤操作 / AI 在醫療照護的應用

當傳統 AI 遇見現代 AI


物件偵測和 YOLO 的美麗邂逅