The Taiwan Artificial Intelligence Meetup started in August 2019 and continues to hold meetups in Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and other places every two weeks. It is currently the largest AI regular meetup in Taiwan. Participants include engineers, business people, management, investors, university professors, lawyers, doctors, etc., providing a platform for technology and innovation, and entrepreneurial communities to share and match each other.

In each event, in addition to technical sharing by engineers, community partners and entrepreneurial friends in the field of artificial intelligence will also be invited to share their experiences and achievements. It is a place for engineers to warm up, and also a place for entrepreneurs to exchange and share!

三大AI雲端平台評比 & 從創意到商業化-AI創業的挑戰

真的假的 - DeepFake 應用及爭議

視網膜病變偵測 & 類神經網路的極限在哪裡?

強化學習: Deep Q Network (DQN)

AI於醫療影像的應用與挑戰 & 從專利角度看AI人工智慧

AI 日不落地國 - 淺談 AI 落地實務經驗 失敗與成功

人工智慧行不行 & 超高速 AI 電腦視覺及應用

用 GAN 生成風景​ & 自然語言處理在問答系統上的應用

哆啦A夢有可能出現嗎?你所不知道的 AI 應用

類神經網路的極限在哪裡? & Google Assistant Overview

Attention is All You Need