The Cradle of AI Nurturing AI Talent in Taiwan

About Us

The Cradle of AI: Nurturing AI Talent in Taiwan

About Us

Established by the Science & Technology Ecosystem Development Foundation and the Taiwan Data Science Foundation, the Taiwan AI Academy is operated by the Artificial Intelligence Foundation with support from the Institute of Information Science (IIS) and the Research Center for Information Technology Innovation (CITI) of Academia Sinica.

At the Taiwan AI Academy, we endeavor to nurture generations of top AI talent through our intensive four-month training programs. To cultivate a fertile ground for AI growth, we have marshalled the professional strength of the industrial, academic, and governmental sectors in Taiwan and gathered leaders across disciplines under one roof to serve as our faculty.

Our goal is to help industries in Taiwan gain a competitive edge in the AI revolution and open doors of infinite opportunities for industrial development. We look forward to a future where professionals across fields can solve problems in their domains through AI, ultimately becoming the driving force that takes industries to new heights.



Program for Technical Professionals: Content & Training Objectives

Theory x Practice: Charge up your AI skills and become an AI forerunner

The program for technical professionals is geared towards training experts from various industries to become AI-minded while providing practical hands-on experience with AI.

Featuring specially designed courses taught by a leading faculty, this program gives students the most comprehensive overview of key AI technology in a systemic and efficient manner.

— Courses offer training in
  1. Core concepts in probability and statistics
  2. Machine learning theory and application
  3. Deep learning theory and application
  4. Practical hands-on experiences via group projects

Program for Business Managers: Content & Training Objectives

AI x Management: Power up for the AI revolution by grasping future industrial trends

Presenting a blueprint for understanding AI, the program for business managers is a roadmap for navigating AI technology and its applications.

It provides a lens for middle and high-level managers across fields to understand the future development and limitations of AI. Besides theoretical knowledge, courses feature interactive activities that facilitate conversations across disciplines and professions.

— Courses offer training in
  1. Data analysis and visualization
  2. Preliminaries in machine learning and deep learning
  3. Artificial intelligence and related applications
  4. AI teamwork—examining the challenges and limitations of creating an AI team


Our Achievements

We are committed to cultivating AI-minded talent necessary for scientific research and industrial development. We hope to sow seeds of development across Taiwan, enabling the AI revolution to take hold and thrive in different industries.

— Leveraging the power of AI to solve problems across domains, we've made inroads in the following areas
  • Manufacturing industry

    automatic optical inspection, automatic process control, predictive maintenance, and optimization of material combinations.

  • Finance industry

    stock market prediction, risk assessment and modeling, conversional agent (chatbot), and portfolio strategy management.

  • Biomedical industry

    medical diagnosis, prediction of medical complications and relapse, next-generation sequencing, and medical consultation technologies.


Six Top Reasons to Choose the Taiwan AI Academy

We are committed to cultivating AI-minded talent necessary for scientific research and industrial development. We hope to sow seeds of development across Taiwan, enabling the AI revolution to take hold and thrive in different industries.

  • Advantage 1

    World-class lecturers

  • Advantage 2

    Student laboratory

  • Advantage 3

    Abundant computing resources

  • Advantage 4

    Practical teaching with first-hand case studies

  • Advantage 5

    Experienced team of teaching assistants

  • Advantage 6

    Large classes of 200 students


Event Highlights

Pictures and videos from the welcome orientation and commencement ceremony.

  • Event1
  • Event2
  • Event3


Teaching Team

Our leading faculty hails from academic and industrial sectors.

Sponsors & Partners

Academic and Business Partners

We welcome collaborations with outstanding academic and business partners. Through cooperative efforts, we hope to surmount challenges through AI. Join us on our mission to revolutionize Taiwan with AI. Contact us to learn more about partnership opportunities.


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