- Intensive training

The Taiwanese AI Academy opened a technical leader training course and a manager's weekend training course, each of which lasted for 4 months.

Students in the AI Engineers Class must first pass an entrance exam. The entrance exam includes five subject areas: programming, linear algebra, calculus, probability, and statistics. The training aims to enable engineers, who do not thoroughly understand artificial intelligence at the beginning, to use the latest machine learning and deep learning technologies to solve business problems by the end of the course.

The Business managers class is a systematic course for professional managers. Middle-to-high-level managers must have sufficient knowledge of artificial intelligence to correctly judge and solve actual problems with artificial intelligence when the enterprise introduces artificial intelligence operationally.

At the end of the course, the AI Engineers class and the Business Manager class are arranged to conduct special seminars allowing managers to interact with the technical team, define problems during internships, solve practical problems, and introduce relevant skills into industries.

- Master teachers

Researcher Dr. Shengwei Chen had hosted the Taiwan Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Annual Conference since 2014 and invited nearly 200 first-class industry experts and scholars in related fields, at home and abroad, to give lectures within these four years. Accordingly, as soon as the Taiwan AI Academy was established, the best teachers in Taiwan in the field of artificial intelligence were easily assembled, providing the most complete knowledge system and application experience of industry professionals.

- Relocation solution

Many companies are hindered by manpower issues, such as scheduling, and are unable to let employees take time off work for two work days a week to study at the Taiwan AI Academy. In order to help companies overcome this problem, we launched a "relocation solution:” The company assigns select employees to take up difficult problems within their companies to participate in the technical leadership class course, and use these problems as final research or exam topics of the course, which effectively solves the demand for talent training and problem solving at the same time.

After the student graduates, if the company decides to fully introduce into the business process the solutions figured out in the course, the Taiwan AI Academy can send staff to help the company utilize artificial intelligence to increase productivity, output value and transformation from different perspectives.

- Local link

The Taiwan AI Academy also cooperates with six major cities in Taiwan, inviting the economic development bureaus of these six cities and other intermediate executives who have decision-making authority in planning and budgeting from industrial zones, to participate in weekend seminars for managers. Combining the power of industry and government, the objective of the training is to promote internal innovation and to provide the assistance requested by enterprises.

The Taiwan AI Academy also invited six major cities to recommend each city's most important top-20 manufacturers, and invited them to join technical leadership training classes to create more artificial intelligence innovative solutions.