In addition to training new tech professionals with leadership qualities and the requisite know-how, Taiwan AI Academy is also deeply concerned with the democratization of AI technology - accessibility and availability for all.

As such, we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping entities from all different sectors - including government institutions, NPO’s, for-profit organizations, as well as enterprises large-and-small - explore methods to apply AI technology to their respective fields.

Our ultimate goal? More competitive industries, a more effective government, and more scientific breakthroughs to create a better society for the people of Taiwan.

- Intensive Training
Taiwan AI Academy offers a technical leader training course and a weekend training course for managers, each of which lasts for 4 months.

Students of the AI Engineers course are admitted via entrance examination, which includes five subjects: programming, linear algebra, calculus, probability, and statistics. The course aims to impart the latest in machine learning and deep learning technologies to engineers who have yet to be exposed to AI so they can apply the knowledge to business problems at the end of the course.

The Business Manager’s Course offers systematic AI training for professional managers. Mid-to-high-level managers must have sufficient knowledge of AI to make the correct decisions and resolve real-life problems with AI technology once institutions introduce the technology into their operations.

At the end of both courses, a series of special seminars give managers the opportunity to engage with the technical team, learn how to identify problems during internships, resolve real-life problems, and introduce the relevant skills into their respective industries.

- Master Instructors
Dr. Sheng-wei Chen hosted the Taiwan Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Annual Conference between 2014-2020. Hundreds of world-class industry experts and scholars from various fields and disciplines have been invited from home and abroad to speak at the conference since its inception. Therefore, we were able to assemble a world-class AI faculty team when Taiwan AI Academy was established affording our students the most comprehensive curriculum and practical knowledge that the industry has to offer.

- Alternative Solutions
The issue of managing staff remains one of the greatest concerns of many companies. Scheduling difficulties make it hard for employees to take significant time off work to attend training at Taiwan AI Academy. In order to overcome this problem, we’ve offered an alternative that allows companies to assign certain problems to select employees, who then attend the Technical Leadership Course and tackle these problems in class as a final research project or exam topic for the course.

After finishing the course, the company may choose to incorporate the AI solution developed in class into their business processes. Taiwan AI Academy may deploy staff to facilitate and assist the integration process and help the company fully utilize AI technology to increase their productivity and output.

- Local link
Taiwan AI Academy has invited the Economic Development Bureaus of six major cities across Taiwan to attend a series of weekend seminars for managers. Several intermediate executives with decision-making authority in the planning and budgeting of industrial zones have also been invited to take part in these seminars.

By bringing together the private and public sectors, the objective of the seminars is to promote internal innovation and provide assistance to various enterprises.

Taiwan AI Academy also invited the aforementioned six major cities to recommend the top 20 most important local manufacturers and invited them to partake in Technical Leadership courses in an effort to inspire greater innovation in the field of AI.