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Empower Taiwan with AI technology

Enhancing Taiwan's Industrial Competitiveness with Artificial Intelligence.
By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, all industries in Taiwan can receive new support and assistance. In addition to promoting economic development, the quality of people's lives can also be substantially improved.


Starting with talent cultivation makes Taiwan more competitive in the AI era!

In March 2017, a team of over ten people led by President Liao Chun-Chih of Academia Sinica, academician of Academia Sinica, Bill Gates Professor of Harvard University, researcher of Academia Sinica Dr. Chen Sheng-Wei successfully assisted over ten Taiwanese manufacturing companies in solving urgent process problems with artificial intelligence. They also realized the importance and urgency of cultivating AI talents for the industry.

With the assistance of Professor Wei Qilin, Chairman Qiu Decheng, and Director Liao Hong-Yuan, five Taiwanese companies, including Formosa Plastics Group,CHIMEI Corporation,Inventec Co., Ltd. ,Elan Electronics Co., Ltd., andMediaTek Corporation, became the original donors of the "Taiwan AI academy Foundation (formerly known as Science and Technology Ecological Development Public Welfare Foundation)" and AU Optronics Co., Ltd. also joined in the donation in 2018. With the support of donating companies and all board members, the foundation was able to hire Taiwan's best scholars and experts as lecturers and establish an AI computing environment to provide students with the necessary hardware environment for practical AI technology cases.

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