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The Executives Program in Artificial Intelligence is the second program specially designed for Taiwan’s current industrial needs after the Technical Professionals Program in Taiwan AI Academy. We expect that through the weekend seminars for managers, managers of various industries can have a field to learn and understand the technical overview of artificial intelligence together with managers of different industries, and have a comprehensive overall view of artificial intelligence technology, and A thorough understanding of how artificial intelligence works, as well as its capabilities, limitations and future development, will enable the industry to have a clear sense of direction to lead the enterprise forward when it wants to use artificial intelligence to upgrade the industry.

We will take the form of a full-day class every Saturday for 16 weeks, giving all managers and trainees a comprehensive overview of artificial intelligence. In addition to courses, in-depth seminars and exchanges can be conducted so that students can fully absorb and understand the knowledge taught in the classroom. It is also expected that students can fully appreciate the practical application methods and limitations of these technologies through interactive arrangements, and conduct students Inter-disciplinary exchanges and learning.

The goal of the weekend seminar for managers is to enable professional managers in different fields to be more powerful, with artificial intelligence plus the original domain knowledge and management expertise, to steer the helm with the correct cognition and sense of direction, to lead the artificial intelligence team, and to assist companies with Artificial intelligence solves problems and upgrades. Our manager trainees will take the role of seed after completing the training, go deep into all levels of Taiwan's industry, and help companies solve the problems they face in the process of moving towards intelligence with their own professional and correct artificial intelligence cognition and sense of direction.

We will arrange the most experienced lecturers in theory or practice in various academic and research units such as the Academia Sinica and the industry, covering everything from core probability and statistics to the latest artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning and deep learning to provide a complete overall picture View. In the later stage, the class will conduct special seminars in collaboration with the technical leader training class, so that managers and students can experience the interaction with artificial intelligence technicians in the course, and cultivate future leaders such as defining problems, solving and field introduction methods. The key competencies required by smart teams.

We look forward to the weekend seminars for managers, so that busy managers can have full recharge opportunities on weekends, instead of listening to fragments of artificial intelligence knowledge, but being able to have a complete course using sixteen weeks. Six full-day classes have clear technology and application blueprints for artificial intelligence. We hope that all managers who have finished training in this program can use what they have learned to assist Taiwan in the comprehensive upgrade of artificial intelligence applications in all corners of society, help the industry to enhance its competitiveness, and let us have a better Taiwan in the future.